Dr. Christopher D. Handy

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Racism transcends beyond discrimination based on ethnicity or race alone. There’s also the insecurity and fear of losing the dominance or economic control which fuels the minds of people who promote racism.

Any society that accepts the philosophy of racism, whether covertly or overtly attracts a strong negative spirit of hate, hostility, dislike, bigotry and division among its people of different ethnicity or races. On the surface, such a society remains as one, but beneath it lie many pockets of division caused by racial prejudice.

United we stand and divided we fall. This basic sentence speaks volumes concerning the relevance of unity and its importance. Wherever there is unity, there is power and resilience to produce a peaceful existence among all people in a world that’s has been plague with racial tension and division. 

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As the wounds of racism run deep cutting across generations, but there is always the hope of healing, restoration, and unity as long as there are willing souls among us, whose hearts are full of love than hate. 
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