Dr. Christopher D. Handy


"This is a fantastic and compelling book that I read in one night as I could not set it down. It will enlighten and bring understanding to one of the most glossed over subjects known to man, a must read. I wholeheartedly recommend this page turning masterpiece!"

​Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey

“Racism: The Absence of Good" is a comprehensive and informative read that I could not put it down! This book will allow the reader a peek into the heart and soul of the pain that this cancer called racism is causing. It also gives hope to the reader that this issue can and will be finally addressed in a positive way, that society is not totally lost."

Dr. Sheila R. Smith PhD

"There's much to learn in life and I am thankful that people like Dr. Christopher Handy are willing to teach us. This book is a important component with a powerful message."

Rev. John D. Cooper